The Best Disc Sanders Of 2018

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that finding a good disc sander is rather difficult.

When it comes to operating machines such as a belt disc sander, safety comes first. No matter how large the pieces are, you have to be able to approach the machine adequately.

Its construction needs to be approachable, and absolutely safe for you. The best disc sanders are so easy to operate that even amateurs can use it.

In a sea of various styles of disc sanders, you can narrow down the choice. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional when it comes to dealing with wood, you just need to do your research. However, you can check that off your list, since we have that covered.

Keep on reading to discover the top 10 belt disc sanders, and learn more about floor sanding machines.

Belt Disc Sander Review Of 2018

The following comparison table showcases the top 10 belt disc sanders of 2018. Besides the metal construction and the sanding blocks, we regard some of the most prominent characteristics.

Now that you have an overall picture about these disc sanders, let’s find out more about each of them. Each model has its positive and negative traits. The following disc sander reviews won’t disregard any of those.

1. WEN 6502 - Best Disc Sander To Buy in 2018

This model is for sure one of the best disc sanders you’ll find on the market. What you get in it is a two-in-one machine, since it is also a belt disc sander. When it comes to the belt, being very flexible, it can tilt from 0 to 90 degrees. This disc sander is absolutely reliable.

It also provides a great versatility in use. You can put it to work whenever you need to smooth a surface, or remove the edges.

This disc sander also splinters and sands.

The 4.3 amp ½ HP motor of the disc sander is very powerful, allowing you to work with big and heavy pieces. Being that powerful, it will not let you down when working with a large load. Being a belt disc sander, it contains a 6-inch sanding disc. The design of the machine has a cast-iron base, contributing to the reliability.

One of the things that the users find problematic is the quality of the belt guard. However, the disc sander manufacturer claims that there has been an upgrade. Other customers find that, although the disc sander should be able to work with a large load, it isn’t very safe. Apparently, some customers experienced a blown capacitor due to the overload. One of the most common comments regards the use of the machine. Certain users feel that it wouldn’t suit needs of a professional.

  • versatile: both a disc sander and a belt disc sander
  • has a rather powerful motor
  • reliable, sturdy design
  • not quite on a ‘professional’ side

2. Makita GV5010 - 5-Inch Disc Sander

If there’s one word that could describe this disc sander, it is preciseness. When investing in a device such as a disc sander, you want to get your money’s worth.

You need to know that all the parts are going to endure the pressure and last.

This particular disc sander model possesses various motor-protecting features. While being extremely powerful, it is easy to work with.

Another great think about this Makita disc sander is that it can perform all day long.

You don’t have to worry about any of the parts failing. Its quality design can deal with this kind of pressure. Since it is very lightweight, you want experience any issues when it comes to managing it. There’s also a soft-grip handle which enables comfortable and safe sanding. The quality in combination with the ease of use makes Makita suitable for both production and households.

This Makita disc sander model has a rather high rating on Amazon. The rating of 4.7/5 stars is something you won’t come across that often. Therefore, there are definitely fewer negative reviews as opposed to the praise. As a matter of fact, the only negative review regards a number of matters which are merely subjective.

The user finds the disc sander too heavy and too slow. However, since there aren’t any other reviews to support this view, we can easily disregard it.

  • great for precise work when it comes to sanding
  • lightweight and easy to manage thanks to the soft-grip handle
  • powerful and reliable
  • none

3. POWERTEC BD4600 - Top Woodworking Belt Disc Sander

This belt disc sander offers just what you need: a reliable performance. It is important for a belt disc sander to provide security and comfort. Not only does it affect the performance, but it is also crucial for your own safety. The 4.3 Amp induction motor creates a powerful, consistent sanding. One of the most prominent traits when it comes to a belt disc sander is the belt tension management.

This Powertec belt disc sander has a quick-release technology which provides easy and fast belt change.

This particular belt disc sander model has no limits when it comes to positioning. It enables you to sand pieces both horizontally and vertically, due to the belt platform position. It is adjustable, and it can go from 0 degrees to 90 degrees

An overall impression about this belt disc sander among Amazon reviews is that it serves its purpose when it comes to household use. Also, the customers seem to love the balance between the price and the performance.

If you don’t like noisy tools, perhaps this belt disc sander isn’t a perfect choice. According to some users, it is rather loud. Apparently, it isn’t great with bigger tasks. For example, one of the customers had an unpleasant experience with long boards. It seems that the dust collector prevents the user from finishing the job in one sanding session.

  • reliable and secure
  • powerful motor
  • able to work both horizontally and vertically
  • more of a hobby kind of belt disc sander

4. DEWALT DWE6401- Great Disc Sander with Dust Shroud

Dewalt disc sander allows you to sand bigger surfaces faster. Its high-performance 6 AMP motor enables you to work on larger surfaces quicker, and save some time. Its VSR trigger dial allows you to adjust the device to different surfaces.

Basically, there are countless sanding possibilities and applications with this disc sander.

One of the biggest issues when it comes to sanding is the dust which can get all over the place.

No matter how careful and meticulous you are, the remains of the piece you sand will be everywhere.

While some disc sanders have their own dust disposal systems, this one does not. Nevertheless, there’s an option of connecting the dust shroud to a separate vacuum. This is one of the most important features of this disc sander. It creates a safer and cleaner environment, and saves the time you’d use for cleaning up.

To be able to adequately manage the disc sander, there’s a soft grip mid-handle. There’s also a side handle for absolute control and balance during the sanding process.

The Amazon rating of 4.4/5 stars puts this disc sander rather high up on the scale. Consequently, you won’t encounter much bashing on its page. Some of the user complaints regard the aggressiveness and speed of this model. However, being aware of the capacity of the model, this is something you have to expect. On the other hand, other users feel that the disc sander is not particularly good with demanding applications.

  • powerful: 6 AMP motor
  • VSR trigger dial for different sanding applications
  • you can connect the dust shrud of the disc sander to a vacuum to prevent a mess
  • according to some users, too aggressive for smaller, more delicate tasks

5. JET 708433 - Benchtop Disc Sander with Circle Jig and Miter Gauge

For some people, getting a disc sander with its own dust collector is simply too much when it comes to the space. These machines tend to take up too much room in your shop space. If you already have a dust collector, this benchtop disc sander is an ideal addition. This heavy-duty, sturdy model is a very powerful machine. Having a 1-horsepower motor, it is great for big, more demanding tasks. For motor protection, there’s a fan which keeps it cool. Also, the motor is enclosed. Even if you don’t own a dust collector, there’s a solution which prevents any potential mess. You can purchase a dust collection filter which is extremely easy to add onto your disc sander.

This metal disc sander comes with a quality, durable steel disc. One of the most exciting settings concerns the manual brake. While many disc sanders don’t offer this possibility, you can adjust the speed of the disc. The cast-iron table can tilt anywhere from 90 to 45 degrees. This allows you to position the device and the piece you want to sand just the way you want it.

The main complaint among Amazon customer reviews regards the packaging. While the customers seem to appreciate the disc sander itself, the packaging didn’t earn any kudos. Apparently, some of the parts arrived with a certain defect, or completely broken. The problem seems to be in the lack of protection for these parts, since Styrofoam isn’t trusty enough.

  • you can attach it to your own dust collector, or add a dust collector filter
  • 1-horsepower motor – very powerful and reliable; heavy-duty design
  • the cast-iron table tilts from 45 to 90 degrees
  • poor packaging: many customers received the disc sander with broken parts

6. Delta Power Equipment Corp 31-140 - Amazing Horse Power

This Delta Power disc sander isn’t your everyday-kind-of-task type of sander. As a matter of fact, it is exceptional with bigger, more challenging tasks. This metal disc sander is a heavy-duty machine with a trunion assembly which makes sure that the table has enough support.

What a metal disc sander requires for a smooth, uninterrupted operation is a powerful motor. Frankly, this disc sander has a rather superior motor of 120V.

Since there is a manual brake, you’re able to manage and control the sanding process.

The brake is top-mounted, for absolute control where you can stop the machine in a matter of seconds.

The cast-iron table has the capability of tilting to both sides. Once you position it, it locks in place, and you don’t have to worry about it moving. The lock and bevel table adjustment provide the security you need when it comes to locking it in place. To prevent a mess and collect the remains, there’s a dust collection fan. It conveniently prevents the dust from getting onto the table and jeopardizing your work. Moreover, it directs the dust into the hose.

Finally, there’s a rather good warranty with this disc sander. Unlike many other disc sanders, this one comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

Although it doesn’t have a perfect rating on Amazon, there aren’t many serious complaints about this metal disc sander. Most customers do find the design and the performance flawless. Few complaints concern the positioning of the table. However, since this opinion wasn’t supported by other customers, it doesn’t have much credibility.

  • great for bigger, demanding tasks due to its powerful motor of 120V
  • long warranty: limited 5-year warranty
  • cast-iron table with tilts; once you position it you can lock it in place
  • none

7. Shop Fox W1828 12-Inch Disc Sander

This Shop Fox versatile disc sander is great in many different areas. You can use it to shape and smooth the edges, or for truing compound miters. Additionally, it does a great job at squaring end cuts.

Basically, it promises everything you’d want in an ideal sander. For many tasks, precision is a must. You don’t want to have to check and measure every single piece.

Exceptionally good in wood sanding applications, this sander has a ground cast iron table. Moreover, you can adjust the table up to 45 degrees.

What you also get with this great sander is a deluxe miter gauge.

The purpose of this gauge is carefully positioning the pieces into the sanding disc. Also, while moving the work pieces, you can easily manage and adjust the angle.

Obviously, your safety comes first. With a safety paddle switch you don’t have to wonder whether the machine is off. All you need to do is slap the paddle down. There’s no need to look for the off button and wonder whether the machine is going to stop.

There seems to be more criticism regarding this model in comparison to the previous ones. First of all, the customers seem to dislike the noise the motor makes. Additionally, some of them don’t appreciate the overall design of the sander. All in all, the rating of 3.5/5 stars on Amazon speaks for itself. On the other hand, some customers seem to love it.

  • extremely versatile: you can use it to smooth edges, for truing compound miters, or to square end cuts
  • has a ground cast-iron table which you can adjust up to 45 degrees
  • safety paddle switch instead of the unreliable common ‘on/off’ switch
  • the low Amazon rating speaks in favor of some of the negative reviews, such as the one regarding the noise the motor makes

8. Ingersoll Rand 311A- Air Dual-Action Quiet Sander

The Ingersoll air sander will not cause any headaches. The lack of headache concerns the easy manageability, but also the lack of noise.

Since it has a built-in silencer, it provides a quiet performance you’ll appreciate. Its expertise is doing the finish work on body filler, as well as metal preparation.

It is also amazing with feather edging, since it is very gentle and precise. Being extremely easy to use, you can finish more work in less time.

It is also portable and compact, so you can easily carry it with you if you’re working in different places.

You can also finish more work with it since it is very comfortable. The level throttle allows you to spend hours working without your arm getting sore.

The secret of quiet performance is actually in low vibration. This sander acts quietly, precisely, gently – but powerfully at the same time. There’s also a built-in regulator which manages the positive speed control. Thanks to the regulator, you can successfully complete tasks which require preciseness.

Ingersoll sander is suitable for a household, a garage, a shop, or any other location.

An unsatisfied customer finds that electric sanders work much better than this one. According to their review, the sander arrived with a bent pad. This causes the device to make uncontrollable movements. Therefore, a smooth finish isn’t easy to achieve when working on a car.

Yet another customer had a similar experience regarding a bent part. In this case, there was an issue with a stud on the disc. Once again, the vibrations were uncontrollable, and the finish was not as smooth. Other users also reported some damaged and broken parts.

  • has a built-in silencer for a quiet performance
  • versatile: finish work on body filler, metal preparation, feather edging
  • has a built-in regulator to control the movement
  • according to some customers reviews, the device arrives with a flaw which causes it to vibrate uncontrollably and not deliver a smooth finish

9. ALEKO DS2252 750W - Telescopic Handle Adjustable Speed

Unlike most of the previous devices, this sander has a specific purpose. If you need to sand your drywall construction and prepare your walls for paining, this is the sander for you.

You can use it to sand your walls and ceiling, both inner and outter. It is also great with sanding the floors and removing layers of paint, adhesive, and similar material.

For a convenient use, it also has a LED light. There’s a soft grip handle and a speed button you can control to manage the process. Finally, it also comes with 6 different sanding discs, and many other attachments.

  • great for sanding and preparing walls, floors, and similar surfaces
  • has a LED light which allows you to have a better view of the surface
  • has a specific purpose (usually for walls and similar surfaces) – not as versatile as previous models
  • not as versatile as previous models

10. PORTER-CABLE 7800 - Lightweight Drywall Sander

This is yet another drywall sander with a specific purpose. It is very lightweight, allowing you to use it on different surfaces.

Since it is so lightweight, you can easily handle it. You can also manage and adjust the speed accordingly to the surface you’re working on. The speed range of this drywall sander varies from 1400 to 2000 RPM.

It also comes with a 13-foot long vacuum hose. The purpose of the hose is to dissipate static.

According to the user reviews, this device is one of the best drywall sanders. In fact, there aren’t many negative comments, except the ones based on subjective views.

  • suitable for both inner and outter walls
  • lightweight and easy to handle
  • has a specific purpose: suitable for walls only

Belt Disc Sander Buyer’s Guide

What Is a Disc Sander?

Usually, a disc sander is very versatile and you can use it for different tasks. It is normally used to sand and polish different surfaces. Certain disc sanders are good for cutting out parts and smoothing edges. They can be lightweight and mobile, or sturdy and stationary. Additionally, it is important to have a solution for all the dust particles during the process. It can be a dust collector, a filter, or a similar external system that you can connect the sander to.

When it comes to categories, the two most important ones are belt disc sanders and plain disc sanders. There are also sanders which combine the two. The decision between the two depends on what exactly do you want to achieve with your sander.

Other Considerations

Tension release and fast belt change

To be able to control the process and achieve a smooth finish, it is important to control the tension. While some sanders have this option, there are also those models which do not. For a guarantee of a smooth, precise finish, it is better to go for sanders which do have pressure control. Being able to control the pressure also allows you adapt the sander to different surfaces. Therefore, these models are definitely much more versatile, and worth every penny.

As for the fast belt change, this is a crucial feature for a belt disc sander. The speed of the belt change determines the power and preciseness of the sander. If there’s any skipping or interruption in belt change, it’ll reflect on the outcome of the process.


When searching for the best disc sander, make sure that it possesses all the features for the perfect execution. You want a mixture of speed, preciseness, uninterrupted performance, and quality design. Also, the existence of a cord can make a difference. It all comes down to what you want, and what exactly you need the sander for.

Depending on the surface you’re working on, the most important features may vary. For example, if you want a solid drywall sander, you’ll gravitate towards a lightweight design. For bigger tasks, you simply need a sturdy, heavy-duty machine.

Metal Construction

Metal construction is a guarantee of durability and longevity. If you want to make sure that you’re investing in a proper sander, go with the metal construction. This kind of construction is a must when it comes to heavy-duty sanders for bigger, more challenging tasks.

Stable Base

A stable base is a must, not only for good results in sending, but for your safety, as well. Make sure that you can lock the base of a stationary sander in place. With an unstable base, the vibrations the sander creates could lead to a serious mistake in the process. Once you make a mistake, it’ll take a lot of time and effort to conceal it.

Tilt Feature & Angular Sanding

To be able to adequately position the sander and approach the work piece, there must be a tilt feature. Adapting the piece to the table if it doesn’t tilt can be really difficult. This has the potential of being a rather serious issue, especially because some pieces can be really heavy. The pieces which are hard to work with require the table to tilt and adjust to their position.

Furthermore, the operation is much easier and smoother if you also have the ability to set the sanding angle. Adjusting the angle can decide the preciseness and, therefore, the outcome of the entire process. Being unable to adjust the angle can create a lot of unnecessary problems in sanding. Of course, you want the base to be stable, but other parts should be flexible enough to suit the workpiece. This is particularly important when working with large, heavy pieces.

What Makes a Good Disc Sander?

You might be wondering: what is it that makes a good disc sander? After all the factors and characteristics we’ve already discussed, let’s cut to the chase.

Obviously, it once again comes down to your personal preference. First and foremost, you have to make sure that you know exactly what you want to achieve with your sander. After making that decision, it’ll be easier for you to find the right one. Each type of the sanders has a different purpose and can deliver different results.

Just like with other devices, you want a mixture of all the good features, without having to compromise everything. Make sure not to get caught up, though. A sander can be excellent when it comes to one feature, but it can lack in other aspects. Opt for the best optimal solution, and you won’t make a mistake.

What you want in a stationary, big disc sander is a good, reliable design. You want it to be able to handle all the big tasks you assign to it. It has to be sturdy, and extremely enduring. Simply, you want to get your money’s worth, without jeopardizing any of the important aspects.

On the other hand, we have mobile, lightweight sanders. The purpose of these sanders is in their movability. Make sure to choose a sander you can easily work with. It has to fit in your hand perfectly, without making you sore. The best lightweight sanders are those which take the pressure off your hand. Pay close attention to the handles when it comes to these.

Belt Disc Sander Accessories

Customized Stand

If the sander doesn’t already come with a stand, you’ll have to order a customized stand for it. Once you have this customized stand, you’ll be able to position the sander without having to carry it around. This will allow you to bring the piece to the sander, and avoid moving and adjusting the sander every time. The stand will also make it easier for you to position the piece you’re working on. The reason behind this is that you’ll already know exactly how you need to position it, since you have a customized stand.

Vacuum or Hose

If you don’t have a vacuum, a hose, or a filter of any kind, you’ll end up with a mess in your garage, or shop. It is important to establish a system which will take care of the dust during the sanding process. Not having this kind of system can be very messy, as well as dangerous. Getting dust particles all over the place isn’t only unhygienic, but also dangerous for you since it can blur your vision. It can also make it harder for you to get a perfect, precise result.

Certain models of sanders do come with their own dust collector systems. However, if you get a sander which doesn’t have this feature, make sure to get it separately. Make sure to check whether you can connect your sander to a vacuum, or a hose. If not, there are also filtration systems you can purchase.

​Best Bang for your Buck

There are a lot of different kinds of disc sanders to choose from. Depending on the type of the surface you want to sand, smooth, or prepare, you can choose an adequate model. What remains the same when it comes to all disc sanders is that you want a reliable device. You want your disc sander to provide an even, flawless result, without creating a mess in the process. In order to avoid the mess, make sure that your sander has a solution for all the dirt you’ll create.

A good disc sander provides security, reliability, and preciseness. To select the best of all the disc sanders out there, keep a list of all the important factors nearby. This way, you’ll have a reminder of all the things you need to check off your list. Also, don’t forget to put comfort and safety above everything else.

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